Quality Maintenance

For Existing Heating and A/C Systems


"Quality Maintenance is important to ensure your equipment is running correctly and prevent you from having problems." - Dynamic Air Services



Not Your Typical Tune-Up


Quality Maintenance goes beyond any heating and A/C service you've experienced. Certified contractors follow a stringent, national standard to assess and repair your system. This begins with a $50 System Assessment & Improvement (with applicable rebates up to $306 value) so you get the complete picture: from equipment safety, to performance, to looming repairs. In addition, the technician will perform several energy savings measures on the spot. You'll reap immediate benefits: increased comfort, health and safety, decreased energy costs, longer equipment life and protection against unexpected failures.


Initial $50 System Assessment & Improvement* includes:


  • Comprehensive inventory and assessment of your heating and A/C system, with a diagnostic report
  • Inspection and basic cleaning of the condenser coil
  • Air filter inspection
  • NEW! Smart Thermostat Installation Rebate of $75


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Skipping your heating and A/C maintenance is like forgetting to rotate your tires. Things run fine for a time. Then performance and safety start to slide while your fuel consumption rises. Left unchecked, you can rack up major repair costs and jeopardize your health and safety.

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Rebates Available


AC Quality Care offers rebates for Quality Maintenance services so you can get better performance at a lower cost to you. You must use a qualified contractor to receive your rebate.

Rebate Table



National Standards



AC Quality Care follows the ANSI/ACCA** Quality Maintenance standard, which is the most widely accepted standard. This standard prescribes basic maintenance inspection tasks and offers recommended corrective actions to maintain most residential HVAC systems. It was written and reviewed by industry experts. Quality Maintenance tasks include inspecting and cleaning the compressor, coils, filters, motors and electrical components, as well as correcting refrigerant charge and air flow.


*Customers who have participated in the Quality Maintenance program in the past 3 years are not eligible.

**The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) rigorously reviews standards to ensure quality. Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is one of the nation's leading air conditioning standards organizations.